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Welcome to Allen Antiques, specializing in European armour, arms, spurs, knives & small metalwork.

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The following are interesting assortments of the pieces in the collection.

They represent school presentations, displays and small group study sessions.

Exhibition of Reproductions Carol Woods Lecture, June 17, 2005
Detailed Shots of Armour Exhibitition of Armour Oct. 3, 2009
School presentation to 6th graders in association with the Medieval unit in Social Studies - March 2011.
Study Session - Armour Research Society Study Session - Feb. 2010
Study Session - April 2011 Study Session - May 2012
Items chosen for the Texas Hammerfext 2012 Study Session - 2013
Study Session - June 2014 Detailed images of some 16th c. rivet heads
Study Session - October 2015 A short presentation for the Duke Focus session Oct. 25, 2015
A short presentation for the Duke Focus session Sept. 19, 2016 Study Session - November 2016
Items selected for display and discussion at the ULA meeting in Asheville NC Nov. 2016

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