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Formed of 7 upward-lapping plates. The top two plates are attached by a sliding rivet at the back, central leather and a rivet at the front. The remaining plates are attached with sliding rivets at the back and leather strips at the center and front. All leathers originally secured to the plates with 2 rivets on each plate. Full rolled and roped edges at the top, front and bottom. Raised edge at the rear. Very nice form, swelling up to fit the shoulder. Central crease.

Overall height 14 1/4 with the rear sliding rivets collapsed and 15 1/2 inches when extended (slots vary in length, generally 1/2-5/8 inch long and 2 are not presently sliding due to tight rivets and later internal paint), width 7 1/2 inches at the widest point on the outside of the rolls and 5 1/8 inches at the elbow - measured from the outside of the roll to the outside of the roll diagonally (the lower rear corner is curved in at the back so that the edges are 4 5/8 inches apart). The rolls are very small - app. 1/8 in wide.

Weight 1 pound 11.2 ounces (770 g).


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