Allen Antiques


German. 5 sprays of flutes, 5 flutes in the center spray, 3 each in the other sprays. Flutes radiate from the bottom. Arm holes bordered with a simple raised ridge. 2 holes at the center top. Likely trimmed slightly at the top. Heavily worn, much of the engraved lines on each flute worn away. Formed of a main plate with 2 small extension plates. Waist lame with 3 dependent culet lames. Culet with 3 sprays of flutes. Internal riveted patches in culet lames.

Height - main plate 12 3/4 in. tall. 14 3/4 in. wide under the arms, 10 1/2 in. wide at the waist (center of the waist lame).

Thickness .030 in. to .064 in. On average around .050. There are no signs of intentionally thin or thick areas.


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