Allen Antiques


Composed of a pauldron extending to the elbow, a floating cop and a closed vambrace. The pauldron formed of two large plates above and 4 small plates below the large main plate. The top plates articulated on rivets, the bottom ones secured by sliding rivets at the back and leathers in the center and front. The edges of the upper plates with inward turned roped rolls and a recessed border which forms a gentle curve, instead of being parallel to the edge. Cop of rounded form with a raised central ridge. This cop is formed of 2 pieces. The rounded cop and front wing and a smaller secondary plate forming the inner wing. The vambrace is formed of 2 plates hinged by 2 internal leathers at the front and a pin on the inner plate engaging a hole in the outer plate at the back. The cop and pauldron with rivets with brass rosette washers. The pauldron, cop and vambrace are secured by 2 vertical leather strips riveted to the cop and slotted onto rivets in the pauldron and vambrace. In uncleaned condition from an English household.


If you have any questions, please send them to Wade Allen