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Composed of a pair of spaulders formed of a main plate with one plate above and five plates below, central crease, and raised and recessed border on the top. The shoulder formed with a nice bulge at the top over the top of the shoulder. A pair of elbows - one is authentic, the other a well made copy. Each of shell form, pointed at the outside of the elbow and with a flair at the inside of the bend of the elbow. The outer surface covered by three stepped flutes on each side and a central squared raised ridge. Each of these is accentuated by an engraved line at the base of the step. The outer edge is decorated by a series of five cusps. The back and inside of the wing are plain. The cops have modern straps and have four holes at the center to secure the cop to the arm. Four holes are usually indicative of laces, but these holes appear to be smaller than would be normal for this. The vambraces are formed of an inner and outer plate with rolls at the wrist and inside of the elbow. The parts are secured by hinges on the outside and a pin on the inside. The vambraces are later. The spaulders are typical of the early 16th century. The form, decorative elements and four holes indicate a late 15th century date for the elbow. Vambraces 20th c.

Measurements: Elbow thickness varies significantly reflecting the rough interior surface - a few thick aras app. .060, thin areas app. .030. Varies significantly even in spots close to each other often between .040 and 050 in one area of the center. It appears this elbow was shaped roughly and ground to its smooth surface, not hammered to the exact shape.

Weights: elbow: 7.4 ounces (210g).


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