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Formed of one large plate covering two thirds of the front of the head, separate plates covering the ears and a central spike. The main plate is formed to the top of the head and with a raised ridge in the lower half. The upper and lower sections have a central roped ridge. The edges of the eye holes are raised. The main edges are decorated with simple half turns, the lower portion with a recessed border. There is a line of brass capped iron rivets with decorated washers to secure the lining. The central spike is secured to a central bolt secured to the inside of the main plate by two rivets. The spike is later, the decorative plate at the base of the spice appears to be old. The ear plates have a central crease, turned edge and recessed border. There are small patches in one ear plate and in the upper roped ridge. There are some flush rivets at the edge which would have secured the crinet and side plates.


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