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Italian. With blued and gilt decoration. Separates into two parts between the ninth and tenth plate. The tasset formed of sixteen upward lapping plates with a poleyn of five plates. The top plate is boxed to form to the flair at the base of the breastplate. The exposed edges of the plates with five points each and bordered by three parallel engraved lines. The cop of shallow form with a mostly flat wing. Articulated with two lames above and two lames below, the final lame larger and cut with a rounded (patched) bottom edge. Decorated with gilt rivets and engraved lines. Apparently originally the plates were attached using three internal leathers and had an additional narrow strip at the ends of the plates. Some modern patches at plate 14 and terminal plate. Leathers broken. Now loose or secured by modern bolts.

Provenance: John Woodman Higgins Armoury Inv. Nos. 927.4.a and b from Dr. Bashford Dean, Riverdale, New York, 28th September 1929

Measurements: 29 in. (61 cm) long.


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