Allen Antiques

late 16th century

German, probably Saxon. Cuff with long flared and pointed cuff formed of an outer and fixed inner plate. Back of hand covered by 5 narrow plates, one larger plate, a roped knuckle plate. The fingers half covered by three plates. Main borders with inward turned roped rolls and recessed borders. Retaining buff leather lining bands and strap for the palm. Cuff with small tear-drop shaped bump at the wrist. Cuff and terminal plate with recessed band that comes to a point at the center. Main hand plate with a raised area. All plates with central crease. Rolls and knuckle plate with fine roping. The small roll at the wrist on the inner plate is rolled out. Thumb replaced. Ex Coll. Ian Eaves then to Anthony De Reuck. With A d R collection tag.

Measurements: finger lames app. .032 in thick, Cuff .045-.060 in. thick (mostly in the .05 range), inner cuff plate mostly .040-.050 in. thick, main metacarpal plate generally .045-.050 in. thick.


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