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English, Almost certainly Greenwich. Cuff of flared form with a small point at the center and with a central crease. The cuff is formed of a large, shaped outer plate and a small inner plate. The inner plate is fitted with a wrist plate that extends over the base of the thumb. The end of the cuff borndered by a plain inward roll, a recessed border and two parallel engraved lines. The forward edge of the inner thumb plate with a plain inward turn and a pair of engraved lines. The back of the hand and base of the thumb covered by five metecarpal plates and a plate shaped over the knuckles. The fingers and thumb covered by pointed scales with a longer scale covering the finger tip. The edges of all of large plates bordered by pairs of engraved lines. The finger plates bordered by single engraved lines. Lining and articulation rivets capped with brass. Remains of lining leathers at the outer edge of the cuff, along the edge of the wrist/thumb plate and under the articulation rivets opposite the thumb. The back of the hand is elegantly shaped. The points at the center of the metacarpal plates and the centers of the knuckles identify this as a 17th century piece. The central crease in the cuff and metacarpal plates is curved to allow it to follow the center of the natural bend of the hand away from the thumb.


Weight: 1 pound 6.8 ounces (650g).


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