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late 16th cent

Originally part of a complete cased greave. Designed to be worn with a full legharness and mail sabatons. Greave has good shape and terminates at the ankle where it has a rolled edge and a series of small holes for the attachment of the mail sabaton. The turning hook used to secure it to the lower plate of the poleyn remains. There is a brass collection tag with the number c. 27, and a paper one with the number c. 57. This was originally a very nice piece - it has a wide etched bands of decoration at the center and narrow bands at each edge. There are remnants of gilt in the etching. This style of greave built for use with a mail sabaton was often used in Italy. The style of etching is associated with Augsburg Germany. The etched decoration is app. 1/2' wide at the sides. The central band tapers from app. 2 1/8' to 1 1/2'.

Height 12 in. at the center crease, 4 1/2' wide at the calf, 3' wide at the ankle.

Varies between .018' and .036' thick. It is generally thicker near the ankle and thinner at the calf.


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