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These are the Morions we currently have in stock for sale.

Morion circa 1600

Two piece skull with high central comb and brim rising to points at the front and back. Comb tapering from the skull to the top. Top of comb rolled with one side over the other to secure the sides together. Brim with internal overlap between the sides secured by rivets. Ten holes for lining rivets, eight retaining rivets and seven retaining copper alloy rosette shaped decorative washers. Edge of the skull also pieced with pairs of holes typical of a 17th c. method of securing linings. Top of comb and edge of brim with plain rolls. Later numbers stamped into the sides of the brim. On one side 05.23, on the other 3504 18. Sides of the brim pierced with additional holes, these are often used to hang these helmets in a display. Small portion of one end of the comb lost.

Measurements: weight 2 pounds 4.4. ounces (1035g) thickness mainly .030-.040 in. thick.


Morions in the Allen Study Collection

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