Half Suit - c. 1560-80

Half Suit
This half suit is (obviously) composed.
It is presented to illustrate an example of an
ordinary armour of the period - the type that is rarely displayed in museums.

This harness is composed of elements from several armours. All of the elements are 'rough from the hammer', most are contemporary (c. 1560), and they have a similar style. Most of the plates have single incided lines at the edge. Details of the pieces differ. They may have come from a single arsenal or collection where there were several similar armours. At some stage the parts were mixed up.

There is damage to the pieces and all of the pieces have either been releathered or 'fixed' - the tasset plates have been solidly attached to each other at the inner edge where there would originally have been a leather.

Illustrations of the parts of the suit.

Created June 10, 1999
Last updated November 9, 1999