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Composed. Etched in the Pisan fashion. Pieces well matched in size and etching pattern. Consisting of a gorget of two plates (upper lames missing), a breastplate of deep peascod form, asymmetrical pauldrons, arms and a gauntlet for the left hand. The breastplate is missing its gussets. The form of the pieces represent very nice examples of the typical very late 16th century form.

Breastplate of deep peascod form with slightly tapered and finely roped roll at the neck. Gussets lacking. Designed for use with a fauld lame (lacking). Pauldrons formed of a large main plate overlapping two upper lames and four lower lames. Upper lames and main plate extended at the front and back to cover the shoulder and overlap the breast and back plate. The right is smaller to allow for use of a lance. The left shows sings of a missing internal threaded mount used to secure jousting reinforces. The arms are formed of a tubular upper canon with a turner, enclosed lower vambrace secured with hinges and a pin and with couters of three lames, the main one of bracelet form. Gauntlet with one piece flaired cuff, five plate metacarpal and a plate formed to the knuckles.

Composed of items A-149, A-235, A-242, A-301and the left gauntlet from A-244. Displayed with A-243.


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